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“Between you and me, I have to say” Pierce turned to Tanya as they both sat on the couch “…this stinks.”

Tanya turned to him, glaring. “Even by your standards that wasn’t funny.”

“I’m feeling kind of lightheaded, you can’t really blame me for not working at maximum capacity.”

Looking away with a sigh, Tanya waved at her face, trying to push the wretched stink away. She and Pierce, a regular human and a catman, respectively, sat waiting for their dear friend Xiva to finish up in the bathroom before they went to catch a movie.
Xiva, being a g’nomek woman, was particularly infamous for her rather lengthy and eventful sessions on the toilet. As such, her friends had the foresight to arrive early so she could go ahead and use the bathroom without making them late.
Somewhat expectedly, they were now ten minutes late and the roaring flatulence continued to echo from the bathroom, the fumes seeping out from under the door and reaching every inch of the house.

It was hardly uncommon for g’nomek women to excessively use the bathroom, but Xiva seemed to stretch it. Sure, she enjoyed a good meal a bit more than most, but there had been times they feared she had fallen asleep or got lost in the toilet. Unbeknownst to her friends, there was actually quite a good reason for this.

Xiva liked to eat people, and to put it simply, digesting an entire person resulted in a good deal of poop afterwards. Not to mention that the bones remained in tact, and they had to come out as well. Had they known, they’d probably be impressed at how quickly she was able to empty them out of her bowels… that is assuming they did not panic due to the fact that she was eating people.

Amongst a great many others, there was a struggled flush from the toilet, struggling to contain the horrors unleashed into it. Unlike the others, however, this one was shortly followed by the sound of a tap being turned, and the Xiva emerging from the bathroom.

“Whew! That feels so much better! You have no idea…” the black and white cow girl patted her stomach, still bloated despite being gradually emptied over two hours on the can.

“You sure you got it all out, Xiv?” Tanya asked.

“Oh, this?” she pointed to it. “Well, that shouldn’t matter for a while. Just took care of last night’s snacking. This was just a little something I had earlier.” The ‘little something’ being her neighbours yappy dog. “Anyway, guess we’d better be going?”

Not wanting to push the matter, her friends agreed, and the trio quickly made it to Tanya’s car. Anywhere was better than Xiva’s house at the moment; Pierce and Tanya were practically intoxicated on the fresh air as theystepped out the front door.

“So…” the voracious g’nomek began as she buckled herself into the backseat, “what are we seeing again?”

“Dragon Ball Revolution,” Tanya replied. “The entire Saiyan saga adapted into an hour and thirty minutes. If the last movie was anything to go by, we should be in for a combination of constant facepalming, and uncontrollable laughter.”

“Dragon Ball…that’s the one with the guy with the spiky hair and the orange clothes right?” Xiva asked.

“That’s right.”

“With the Shadow Clones and all that?”

“…that’s less right…”

A facepalm from Pierce and a few minutes of awkward silence followed as they drove off and made their way to the cinemas. Having bought their tickets online, they had no need to line up and buy new ones, meaning with a little luck, they had only missed the adverts and a bit of the film’s intro.

“Come on guys!” Pierce led the way down the rows of theatre doors, somewhat quicker in speed thanks to his feline nature. “There has to be at least one ‘It’s Over Nine Thousand’ reference in the movie, and I don’t want to miss it!”

Xiva stopped and put a finger to her lip. “Actually guys, how about I catch up?”

Her friends stopped in their tracks and glared slightly. Was she intentionally trying to miss the film?

“I’ll admit we’re running a little late because of me. The least I can do is get you guys some snacks so you don’t have to miss any of the movie getting them yourselves.”

“Oh…well, that’s not necessary you know, we don’t-“

“Just accept the nice gesture, will ya?” Xiva laughed, before turning around and heading back towards the Candy Bar. With a shrug, her friends headed into the cinema, where they simultaneously shivered in horror upon hearing the filmmakers had included a rap song in the movie...

Arriving at the Candy Bar, Xiva looked over the choices. She hadn’t been to the movies in a while, so everything had a certain charm to it.
“Okay, I’ll haaaave…a Large Popcorn, three Choc Tops, one vanilla, one chocolate and one mint. A bag of jerky, no, make it too, one BBQ and one spicy, a large Soda, a large Coke, and a mineral water. A box of Mars Pods, a large bag of peanut M&Ms, and a couple of Snickers, just for the heck of it.”

“Will that be all ma’am?”

She paused. “...oh, right, I need to get Pierce and Tanya something too…”

After picking up a small popcorn, the g’nomek girl bundled the snacks into her arms and began to waddle back to the theatre. Surprisingly fit for someone  with such eating habits, lifting power did not help Xiva’s arms stretch around her haul, leading to a rather awkward scene of her stumbling about, holding onto the food for dear life. She considered that this may have been a poor decision, but the thought of that buttery popcorn, or those icy cold ice creams hitting her tongue let her march on regardless.
When it came to food, the female populace of Sunset City often needed little else to motivate them into unstoppable juggernauts.
Though the terminology of juggernaut seemed somewhat ill fitting, after she, and her mountain of food tumbled to the floor upon bumping into someone else (a side effect of carrying so much food at once was an inability to see directly ahead).

“Hey, watch it, will you?”

“Nooooo…” Xiva quietly cried as her plush posterior hit the floor, and she saw her supplies scatter in every direction. Her ice creams mashed against the floor, her popcorn spilled out everywhere (as did her drinks) and utter devestation was wreaked upon her intended future meal.

All that survived were the M&Ms and the Jerky. Despite their delicious nature, they did not make up for the massacre she had witnessed.

“Lady, ever think to take a few trips? Or maybe getting a friend to help? Or…was that all for you?” Xiva looked up at the one responsible for her accident. A Pegali man with dreadlocks and a Hawaiian jacket (a popular fashion trend for them at the time). He didn’t seem particularly sorry about what he had done.

“Most of it…but that’s not the point! Urrrh…okay. It’s alright. Ten second rule! No biggie!”

“It’s been twenty five seconds.”


With a sigh, she prepared to salvage what she could of the wreckage; having eaten far worse than popcorn off the floor during her voracious escapades, she wasn’t too put off by eating popcorn that had been on the floor. She picked up the burst open box of Pods, the Jerky, and the M&Ms, and prepared to start scooping the popcorn, when a boy with a broom swooped in and started cleaning them off the floor.

Ignoring the fact that she was no down to half her original feast, the fact remained that she had spent a good deal of money just now, and half of it was going to waste.

Her unintentional assailant had salted the wound further by nonchalantly waltzing away into a theatre. Xiva was not easily angered, in fact most of the time she was quite laid back, but fate had forced her into a bad, hungry mood. And it had also supplied a perfect solution, of sorts.

With the remains of her feast resting in her arms, she sped off towards the same theatre with a devilish glint in her eye.

The Pegali was about to step out of the little hallway and into the theatre, when he head what sounded like someone carefully setting don a few items, and them being tackled to the ground.

“My back! What the hell, lady?!” He turned to see it was the girl from before. “What, may I ask, is wrong with you?”

Xiva sighed, “Yeah, yeah, this is actually really immature of me, I can admit it.” She put her hand to her lower jaw and pressed hard, making an audible popping sound. “I don’t usually do this for revenge, but you really put me in a bad mood. Sorry about that.”

“What are you talking about!?” he growled, “My girlfriend’s a lawyer, if you don’t get off me right now you-are you licking my forehead?”

No, she wasn’t. She was preparing to engulf it.

After some shoving and complaining, her victim quickly realized his situation had gone from greatly irritating to deathly serious, meaning he upgraded to thrashing and screaming. Screaming in a packed movie theatre should have assured his rescue…had his head not been completely inside her mouth.

Grabbing him by the waist and lifting him up, Xiva took basically no time at all to swallow him down to the hips. She had a lot of practice with this, and he wasn’t really much of a fighter; it as like one long gulp, really. Now with his feet kicking in the air, she had a little more trouble, but nothing too serious. At most she decided to pull off his shoes and drop them in the bin as she slurped down his legs.

It was at this point, where he was now entirely inside her body, that he began to plead and attempt to bargain with his captor for freedom, but with the satisfying feeling of his legs leaving the bottom of her throat, Xiva could only focus on the sound of the roaring belch she gave off immediately after.

“BrrrrrraaaaaallllllhaaaarrrrraarrrrRRRRHP!” she put a hand over her mouth as she giggled. Looking down, she saw the tremendous, wobbling, white, black splotched orb she was so very fond of. She’d go so far as to say she at times felt incomplete without hanging off her waist. But, she was feeling pretty good right now, and that’s all that mattered.
“Heh, maybe Pierce and Tanya can have the rest of this stuff, I’m kinda stuffed as it is…”

Hoisting her belly up as well as she could, she turned herself around, and was promptly met with a blonde girl in a hat staring  with her mouth wide open.


“…Haha, hey there.”

“…” said the girl.

“…just curious, how much of that did you see?”

“…” she replied.

“…all of it?”

“…” nodded the girl.

“I see…well, I guess I have room for seconds,” Xiva smiled, shrugging…

“Saiyans can’t breathe in space!” Pierce moaned, watching as Vegeta and Nappa flew by a planet on the screen.

“Okay, look, I came here knowing very well you’d supply a bit of running commentary throughout this, but I’d like to hear at least SOME of the dialogue!”

“The dialogue will only bring you pain…” he said, referring to Raditz’s inexplicable Jamaican accent.

Tanya was seconds away from rebuffing this further when a loud sloshing sound began approaching them. It didn’t take much to realize Xiva was back.
“Hey! What did I miss?” she said in a chipper tone as the seat creaked loudly beneath her, and the sound of her groaning stomach gurgled loudly.

“Nothing worth seeing…” Pierce answered ,glaring at her stomach. Its immense size wasn’t unheard of between him or Tanya, but the question of ‘how it get like that in under ten minutes’ was quite puzzling…

“Oh good! I was worried for a second. Here, I got you guys this.” She handed them the snacks. Appreciative as they were, it was hard to stop glaring at her stomach.

“Um…did you get yourself something while you were gone?”

“Oh, just a bit of this and that. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do you know?” she patted her stomach, causing those in side to thrash around in panic. “UuUUUUUUURP!” Her friends quickly fanned away the noxious scent of her breath. They didn’t make a fuss, though, realizing the alternative was far worse.
“…Pfffft. Oh, excuse me!”
Now they could make a fuss.

It appeared her meal from earlier in the day had finally gotten to work digesting, and had brought explosive results.
Xiva sighed pleasantly, feeling nothing but the pleasure of relief. Her friends, judging from the coughing fit and leaning far away from her, were not quite as pleased.
Reaching over, pulling open the bag and reaching inside, Xiva decided to enjoy a bit of jerky while she watched the film. Her own way of compensating for missing the start.
While the gluttonous g’nomek was in a state of bliss, it was clear, if not to her, that her friends were in for a very long day…

Xiva the g'nomek (IE, Cow Girl) is a friendly girl with two very caring best friends, Pierce and Tanya. As caring as they may be, however, this does not make Xiva's overwhelming flatulence and frequent gluttony any easier to deal with...
Sometimes Xiva wonders why her friends never ask her to go to the movies anymore. Well, let's just say they didn't have the best experience, once upon a time...

Part of a Trade with the excellesh Mr. :iconleshawk: . He wanted a story featuring his OC Xiva, his first character to dabble in the realm of vore. As such, I am a pretty big fan of hers.

He gave me no instructions other than to use Xiva, so I decided to revive an idea I once had involving her going to the movies. However, that one featured her sitting in the theatre and slowly devouring everyone else as she watched the movie, so the end result is a bit different :P

Hope you enjoyed, Mr. L! And I certainly hope the fact that it didn't take four months to write doesn't take away from its quality!
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I love Xivas no withesses policy! A jamaican raditz is unbelievable, therefore HILARIOUS! And NO ONE! Pegali or otherwise, Messes With the XIVA! Thanks man, you outdid yourself!
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